Working Groups

Arms Conversion
Arms industry personnel are highly skilled science, engineering and technology workers. If the UK government transferred support from military industry to socially-useful enterprises, such as renewables, there could be good sustainable jobs and a more peaceful world. Read more
Robotics & Automation
Automation was a major threat to jobs at Lucas Aerospace and the workers responded by advocating human-centred technology. In today's 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' millions more jobs are at risk. How can we respond to this danger? Read more
Just Transition
A Just Transition on workers terms is essential to ensure workers and communities aren’t left to pay the price for economic restructuring – whether due to catastrophic climate change or increasing threat of automation. Read more
Democratic Local Planning
The Lucas Plan sets out a plan for socially-useful production within one organisation but this approach can be used to produce plans for new jobs for one local area, such as at a community or city scale. This includes plans for climate jobs. Read more