About Us

The New Lucas Plan working group is a network of individuals and organisations that were involved in the conference celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Lucas Plan.

The Lucas Plan was a pioneering effort by workers at the arms-related company Lucas Aerospace, in the 1970s, to defend their jobs by proposing alternative, socially-useful applications of the company’s technology and their own skills.  The Plan became internationally famous and sparked a movement for socially useful production, as well as helping to save jobs at Lucas Aerospace.

Members of the New Lucas Plan network include trade unionists, former members of the Lucas Aerospace Combine Shops Stewards Committee, radical scientists, environmentalists, peace organisations and other sponsors of the 40th Anniversary conference.

The overall aim of our work is to create a new economy that serves genuine social and individual needs, including the need for livelihoods, and respects environmental limits.

In order to achieve that, in the spirit of the Lucas Plan, the economy must be subject to bottom-up democratic planning at local to national levels.

If you agree with our aims, you’re welcome to join the working group or be kept informed about our events etc, through our announcements list.