An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

The New Lucas Plan is a project arising from the conference celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Lucas Plan in 2016.

Today, we are facing a convergence of crises: militarism and nuclear weapons, climate chaos, and the destruction of jobs by automation. Yet production still follows the dictates of the market, not of social need or environmental protection.

We have to change not just what we produce, but how we produce it, and to think politically about technology. You can be part of this.  It’s in our hands: we have to show that alternatives are possible.

Together we can start creating the Lucas Plans of the future.  It could be the best way to make sure we still have a future.

Arms Conversion
Arms industry personnel are highly skilled science, engineering and technology workers. If the UK government transferred support from military industry to socially-useful enterprises, such as renewables, there could be good sustainable jobs and a more peaceful world. Read more
Robotics & Automation
Automation was a major threat to jobs at Lucas Aerospace and the workers responded by advocating human-centred technology. In today's 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' millions more jobs are at risk. How can we respond to this danger? Read more
Just Transition
A Just Transition on workers terms is essential to ensure workers and communities aren’t left to pay the price for economic restructuring – whether due to catastrophic climate change or increasing threat of automation. Read more
Democratic Local Planning
The Lucas Plan sets out a plan for socially-useful production within one organisation but this approach can be used to produce plans for new jobs for one local area, such as at a community or city scale. This includes plans for climate jobs. Read more
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