Videos of the morning sessions

Arms Conversion 1: Reflecting on Past Experience

The workshop discussed arms conversion initiatives over the past 40 years. Facilitated by Ann Feltham (Campaign Against Arms Trade)

1: Hilary Wainwright. As Deputy Chief Economic Advisor to the then Greater London Council in the early 1980s, she took forward ideas from the Lucas Plan.

2: John Middleton. Between 1986 and 1996 he researched military industry in Coventry and advocated alternative applications for the technologies.

3: Molly Scott Cato. (Green Party MEP)

4: David Cullen

5: Stuart Parkinson (Scientists for Global Responsibility):

The Story of the Lucas Plan

Hear about how the Lucas Plan was created and the struggles of the 1970s from the horse’s mouth – from members of the Lucas Aerospace Shop Stewards’ Combine Committee.

Brian Salisbury

Mick Cooney

John Routley

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Just Transition 1: Why we need a fair and transformative transition to a new economy

The threat of catastrophic climate change demands an urgent transition to a zero carbon economy. But what does that mean for workers and communities already concerned about the future of work in the face of increasing automation? This workshop explores the question of transition, why we need it and how we ensure it is based on justice for workers and communities. Facilitated by Sam Mason (PCS)

Natalie Bennett (Green Party):

Philip Pearson (TUC)

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Community and alternative plans 1: Climate and Green Job Strategies

An opportunity to discuss how we can create ‘green job strategies’ that set out how many jobs of what kinds are needed to create the transition to sustainability in a given area. What does a plan for green jobs for transition for a local area look like, and how can it be created? How would it be reflected in different sectors, including energy, waste, transport, built environment and food production? What resources and skills are needed?

Jonathan Essex (Green House Think Tank)

Richard Lee (Just Space)

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